July 25, 2009

The feast continues in Florence...

There were curries and crisps in England, steaks in Argentina, fried chicken in Bolivia and tapas and paellas in Spain... With so much food content on this blog, you'd think we do nothing with our days but eat, eat, eat!

What can we say? We love our grub. In Italy, it's been nothing but a non-stop pizza and pasta fest – the quality of a pizza has the power to make or break any given day. So it's no wonder our time in Florence was dominated by copious amounts of cheeses, tomato sauces and carb-ridden bases.

The opportunity to try some home-cooked Italian food was a highlight of our three-days in Florence. On arrival at our family-run hostel, we were offered freshly cooked pasta for lunch – yummo! The fattening-up didn't stop there, each night the elderly Italian couple who ran the place would give us wine and cake, and on our last night there, they cooked up a giant dish of pasta for us all to share over a couple of glasses of red!

Wanting to fit in as much authentic Italian pizza and pasta in as we could, we made a beeline for Yellow Bar, where we ordered a spicy tomato pasta and a prosciutto pizza. It was nearly as yummy as our first Cinque Terre pizza – which means it was awesome. And it was decided that yes, we most definitely do love Italy in all its tomatoey richness.

For those of you who are sick of all this food talk (jealous much?), then feast your eyes on this...

That'd be a photo of Michelangelo's David (taken illegally by Craig). Truly a masterpiece, it even had Craig in awe. At 516cm tall, this statue is massive. It's also amazingly detailed and offers the chance to make various immature jokes directed at the statue's perfectly groomed pelvic region.

Amazing art and spectacular food – Florence really 'dished' up the goods.