July 14, 2009

Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Billionaires galore live there, Angelina Jolie shops there and it's a known Paris Hilton holiday spot...

It's time to whip that Lamborghini out of the garage, throw on those Gucci sunnies and get ready to flash your cash at the casino, 'cause this is Monaco, baby!

Basing ourselves in the dodgiest hostel in Nice may not quite fit in with the ritz and glitz of Monaco, but we had one day to go and sticky beak at the world's financial elite and this tiny country did not disappoint. Gigantic boats, flash cars, designer gear and the cleanest streets ever – no wonder it's the playground of the rich and famous.

While our celebrity status may not quite be up to par, we had a brilliant time in this beautiful part of the world. Check out the pics!