July 20, 2009

To Cinque Terre, with love

Dear Cinque Terre,

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways...

First, you were the place were we tried our very first Italian pizza. Made with the freshest ingredients, we could not hold back our pure delight as we bit into every perfect mouthful. The cheese and pesto was our fave, and with silly grins on our faces, we tried to savour every single second of pizza perfection. I will never forget the moment I had the best bite of pizza in my life –it was about halfway through the meal when I took a bite from the tip of a slice, the olive oil had soaked perfectly into the base and the cheese/pesto/sauce ratio was at its optimum levels. I was in culinary heaven!

Then, you delivered one of the best days ever with the walk from Monterosso back to our base of Riomiaggore, passing through all five of your quaint, colourful towns. The day started with a swim and a wander through Monterosso, and then we took ten hours to hike the trail, stopping to take in the breathtaking views, swim in your clear, refreshing waters and, of course, eat pizza!

Finally, you were the destination where Craig had what he still maintains was his 'best meal ever' – better than a Merton 'combo' in Rozelle, better than lamb shanks at Sapori in Abbotsford, better than my famous nachos and better than a takeaway curry from Forest Tandoori in Lymington... For lunch one day we picked up some fresh tomatoes from a local grocer, bought some exxy locally-produced pesto and ate them on tostadas. This basic meal offered Craig a fresh-flavour explosion he couldn't get enough of! He ate 18 of them and would have eaten more if I hadn't stopped him. Deliciously simple.

So thank you, Cinque Terre, we had a wonderful three days exploring your shores, eating your produce and watching your sunsets.

Lisa and Craig xox