March 27, 2009

Holy cow!

Read and drool, people – read and drool...

The line-up for a table was spilling onto the street when we arrived for our first taste of Argentina's world-famous steak. Somehow, despite not having a reservation, we managed to nab an outside table for two.

'The restaurant recommends sharing a meal between two,' it said at the bottom of the menu in fine italic print. 'Pfft,' scoffed Craig. 'I'm not sharing with anyone!'

We ordered a bottle of wine, a steak each and a side of chips.

Then, after a good half an hour, it arrived. The hugest, most gimongous, giganticast steak I have ever laid eyes on in my life, surrounded by a myriad of sauces, and it was plonked straight down in front of Craig. When mine came out, and it wasn't much smaller, all we could do was laugh... and eat.

Our mission: to eat meat. Outcome: successful.

There were people waiting for a table who offered to help Craig out with his, obviously not believing it was humanly possible for one man to eat such a large hunk of steak, but he was having none of it. He was going to eat the entire thing, even if it took him all night.

While I struggled to eat all my tender juicy steaks, covered in bacon strips, Craig ploughed on, stopping only to comment on how 'awesome' his was.

Not one to be beaten (especially when it comes to challenges of the eating kind), much to the shock, horror and admiration of the waiting diners, Craig did eat his entire steak.

And boy, was it good.