March 15, 2009

Market madness

'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Oi, oi, oi.'

'Where you from? Australia?'

'Welcome to Atlanta.'

'Everything half price today.'

'Hassle-free shop.'

'You want scarf? Spices? Magnet?'

'Looking is free.'

Our first taste of the Egyptian market scene was at the never-ending strip in Aswan. Craig had a brilliant time haggling for things he had no intention of buying, just to see just how cheap he could get 'em – he also had a nice chat over peanuts with one shop owner, who claimed ginger was his secret to keeping his two wives 'satisfied'.

A few hours, a McDonald's pit-stop and one purchased magnet (bargained down to 5LE from 30LE, thank you very much!) later, we managed to escape the heat and haggling of the markets and enjoyed a cold beer back at our hotel.

Like they say, a hard-earned thirst...