March 27, 2009

Steak, tango and an eccentric 60-something

Sunshine, blue skies and one super-cool city. It took us over 32 hours in transit (walk, bus, plane, plane, taxi) to get there, but boy was it worth it.

We had no idea what to expect of Buenos Aires (or the entire South American continent for that matter!), but what we found was a clean, vibrant city that was begging to be explored.

Short on pay-a-fortune-to-look-at-something-for-five-minutes attractions, our days were filled with pounding the pavements – our feet blistered from Havaiana shock – exploring the different suburbs that make up the Argentinian capital.

We devoured cheap choripans (chorizo sandwiches) like we hadn't tasted red meat for a year (which isn't far from the truth, thanks England) and ate ice-cream in the park in the city, watched people tango on the streets and admired the multi-coloured buildings in rough La Boca, ate succulent, gigantuous steaks in Palermo, naively walked to dodgy and dangerous Retiro to buy bus tickets and explored the eerily beautiful Recoleta cemetery.

Oh, and I almost forgot – Dereck! The crazy old dude that was living in our hostel, who took us to an old Catholic church at midnight to watch locals and people from around the world tango. While Dereck turned out to be a total weirdo, the actual experience was one to remember.

Gracias, Buenos Aires. Gracias.