March 20, 2009

Fellucing it up the Nile

As Forrest Gump once said, 'Shit happens.' If that's the case in life, then it's safe to say that when travelling, 'diarrhoea happens' – both literally and metaphorically.

Lost luggage, hours and hours in transit (32 to be precise), jetlag, language barriers and hostel bathrooms do not a happy traveller make. Dealing with a whole lotta crap becomes part and parcel with the life of a backpacker, but it's the precious pinch-yourself, take-a-billion-photos, blog-about-and-make-everyone-insanely-jealous moments that make the dirty toilets, scary bus rides and endless queues all worth while.

Cue our felluca trip up the Nile River.

Our home for two days and two nights was a basic sail boat – all 13 of us ate, slept and lived on the mattress-covered deck. Our life for those precious couple of days consisted of laying back and watching the stunning Nile scenery glide by before our eyes, this was interrupted occasionally to enjoy simple-but-delicious feasts of lentil soup, mashed potato, fried chicken, veggies and a truck-load of bread – and to make the occasional behind-the-bushes toilet stop.

On our first night we stopped and visited a Nubian house, where the kind owners let us use their sand-filled courtyard to chuck around a football, take photos with their gorgeous kids and smoke sheesha (fruit flavoured tobacco).

The second night we docked on a 'beach' where we danced and sang around a bonfire, and Craig's super-competitive side came out with a game of pass-the-bottle (PS. He came in second).

We were disappointed when we had to leave the felluca to be shuttled off to yet another temple, we could easily have spent a couple more days lying back, beer in hand, enjoying the beauty of Egypt.

Hands down, the highlight of our Egyptian experience!