August 04, 2009

RIP silver Havaianas (2007-2009)

Craig's silver Havaianas lived a long and fulfilling life (in Havaiana terms that is). Born in Sydney, their early days were spent at cricket ovals, pubs and, in winter, the bottom of our bedroom closet. In April 2008, their life took a dramatic turn, and rather than frequenting the streets of Balmain and surrounds, they found themselves pounding the pavements in the likes of Paris, Rio, Buenos Aires, San Sebastian and Rome, and taking daily showers in numerous hostels.

Loose and worn down completely, the trusty Havs* fought hard until the very end. Finally, after a good two years, it was time to say goodbye – the middle 'plug' broke off, rendering them useless.

We tried everything we could to save them – a safety pin was used for two days – but in the end, it was a lost cause.

While they were swiftly replaced with a brown pair of Etnies (no Havs in Prague, boo!), they will never be forgotten.

* I was once told to stop calling them Havs as 'no one calls them Havs'. Is this true? Am I the only person to abbreviate the brand in this fashion?