August 17, 2009

Beers and bicycles – the sequel

It was a case of deja vue in Budapest, where we spent our time pedalling and putting away pints – much like our time in Prague.

Having discovered the fun and simplicity of exploring a city on two wheels, we decided to take in Hungary's capital on bicycles. With rain threatening, we took the punt and showed up to the meeting place, where we were the only people raring to go.

Happy to have our own private tour, we jumped on our bikes and started following our quirky-but-nice guide around the sights of the city. There was the huge Heroes' Square, lots of pretty buildings (of course), a ride through the park, a pit-stop in a beer garden for some much-needed refreshments of the frothy kind and then it was on to the castle and the old town.

After six hours of riding and drinking (we had some very sore bums, indeed), we finished the tour with some traditional Hungarian grub – a paprika-laden soup and homemade lemonade.

Not satisfied with just one sample of Hungary's gourmet offerings, we took ourselves out the next night to try the best Budapest had to offer. Craig's plate was piled high with crumbed treats – cheese, chicken, sausage – while I opted for fried chicken pieces in a creamy cheese sauce!

As usual, it was the culinary scene that dominated our time in Hungary.

Bon appetit!