June 20, 2009

Killing time in Quito

It only took a flight from Cusco to Lima and a mere 39 hours on the bus to get there (seriously, not as awful as it sounds, though I had serious cankles by the end of it), but it was sheer relief to be in our final destination a whole week before our flight out to London.

That's not to say that our time in Quito was totally happy and hassle-free. First, there was the 3am arrival to the hostel who claimed to have no record of our booking (we got to spend the rest of the night on their couch for free – score!), then there was the total dodginess of the city (we saw a guy getting bashed and three people from our hostel were robbed on our first day), and finally there was the sheer boredom of having NOTHING TO DO!

A trip to the cinema to see Terminator Salvation cured our case of boredom for a good couple of hours, but with Hannah Montana: The Movie and Zac Efron's 17 Again the other choices on offer, a return trip was not on the cards. There was also the trip to the equator, which was a painted line on the ground. The rest of our days were spent eating banana cake, reading and surfing the net – our flight couldn't come fast enough!

After the high of Machu Picchu, it was a shame to end our South American adventure on such a low note. We did eventually leave Quito, and, with some truly amazing experiences well and truly under our belts, we said, 'adios' to South America!