June 28, 2009

The heat is on!

Having just endured the worst London winter in over 18 years, we were ready for some serious heat. And boy did Seville bring it!

With highs reaching 45° Celcius, our poor pasty bodies didn't know what hit them. To combat the heat, we guzzled several litres of water each a day as we wandered the seriously gorgeous streets of this southern Spain city.

With many streets off limits to cars – they're too narrow – Seville is a pedestrian's paradise. Seeking shade whenever we could, we'd find ourselves walking around in awe of this stunning city. 'It's a good-looking city, hey?', 'It is a pretty cool city but, don't you reckon?', 'It's such a nice place.' Were some of the inspired and insightful comments we'd make to each other throughout the day.

Of course our first stop in Spain wouldn't be complete without a touch of tapas, so we headed out one evening to sample what Seville had to offer. Forgetting our phrasebook, we had to rely on whatever the Spanish speaking owner recommended to us, which worked out great, and we ended up sampling a number of tiny treats and washed them down with some local beer and wine.

Also on the agenda was a tour of the local bullring, where we learnt all about the traditions of bullfighting. Unfortunately, we left Seville on the morning of a fight – Craig blames me for that planning blunder – so the tour alone had to satiate our curiosity.

After three nights in scorching Seville, it was time to turn the thermostat to the max in Morocco!