May 11, 2009

Top 10 pics: The Southwest Circuit

Amazing, awe-inspiring, astounding... all these 'A' words and more can barely describe how 'awesome' our tour of Bolivia's Southwest Circuit was. For four days and three nights it was just us, Hannah and Rich, our driver, Gonzalo, our cook, Nilda, a 4WD and the Bolivian wilderness.

By day there were canyons, lagoons, volcanoes, deserts, salt flats and geysers galore, by night, there were Nilda's awesome meals (steaks, schnitzels, soups...) and freezlingly basic accommodation.

For this post, I'm gonna let the pictures speak for themselves – mostly because my descriptive volcabulary simply won't do the scenery justice, and partly 'cause I'm a lazy little blogger.

So, without further ado, I present the top 10 photographs (in my opinion, it was bloody tough picking just 10!), of our trip...

Above: Football (soccer) at 4200m. We did actually attempt to play a game against some local villagers, but, thanks to the altitude, we found ourselves gasping for breath after about 3 minutes. Bolivians 3, Gringoes 0.

Above: Did I mention we were in the middle of fricken nowhere?

Above: Of the 50 billion (or was that five?) lagoons we saw, this one rocked our socks the mostest.

Above: Hot stuff! Oh, and there's some geysers there in the background.

Above: More than just Craig on a rock, that's an active volcanoe on the right.

Above: Walking the line.

Above: Salt flats at sunrise = pretty spesh.

Above: I'm still a happy little Vegemite. Now, if only I could get my hands on a jar this big!

Above: Always knew I had Craig in the palm of my hand!

Above: Woo hoo! Great way to end a brilliant four days!