May 23, 2009

Craig vs curry

The stage was set, we were 3660 meters above sea level at the highest Indian curry house in the world. Craig was about to undertake the time-honoured battle between man and chilli, attempting to eat La Paz's Star of India's famous vindaloo curry, all in the name of scoring himself a free 'I survived the world's most dangerous vindaloo' T-shirt.

Watch his first few mouthfuls here:

We do have video of the middle and end of Craig's curry experience, but, annoyingly, the videos are taking about two hours each to upload, so you'll have to put up with my writing instead.

Craig valiantly battled on, tears welling up with each subsequent mouthful. A second bottle of water was ordered, the beanie was removed and the naan bread was shunned, Craig wanted that T-shirt and he wanted it bad!

Eventually, with his stomach churning and his mouth on fire, Craig admitted defeat. The curry won.

In Craig's defence: The waiter was obliged to ask Craig three times if we was sure he wanted to order the vindaloo, he was then informed that there were no less than 30 Bolivian chillies in the curry. Once Craig had pushed the vindaloo to the side, a group of English guys at the table next to us asked if the could try it, they had half a mouthful each and their eyes immediately started welling and their faces turned bright red, they were in awe of Craig's three-quarter attempt. Craig then forced me to take a bite, and under duress, I did. I can confirm that it was without a doubt the most painfully hot thing that I have ever eaten in my life!

T-shirtless and sick for a good couple of days, it's safe to say the curry kicked Craig's arse!