April 28, 2009

Telling the time and eating food

To top off our epic journey from Florianopolis to Cordoba, it turns out that Cordoba was a bit of a dud. We got out of there after two nights – really pretty town, but boring.

That's not to say that our visit to Cordoba was entirely uneventful. For starters, it will always be remembered as the place that I found my Winner. Sick to death of having to constantly ask Craig for the time – and being interrogated as to why I wanted to know every time I asked – it was high time I scored a watch of my own. For a mere 8 pesos ($3.05), I became the proud owner of a second-hand digital watch – brand: Winner.

It's ugly but reliable, cheap but priceless – and it's all mine!

The second momentous occasion served up by Cordoba was an all-you-can-eat buffet. It's the biggest buffet in Argentina, and, for 26 pesos ($AUD9.90) it didn't disappoint. There's a parilla (barbecue) where they serve up freshly-grilled steaks and ribs, a pasta counter where they cook your choice of pasta and sauce on the spot, Asian dishes and salads galore and desserts ranging from cakes to ice-cream to pancakes.

NOTE: The following sentence is proudly brought to you by Captain Obvious...

We totally smashed the buffet.