April 22, 2009

Another day in paradise

Slop on some sunscreen and grab ya boardies, 'cause we're taking you to paradise.

While saying goodbye to Rio was a tough gig, arriving at Ilha Grande sure sweetened the deal. A couple of hours south of Brazil's most famous city, this island is everything Rio is not – quiet, unassuming and untouched. Leave your driver's licence and ATM card at home – they're both useless here – and be prepared for your wallet to take a serious hit – cheap is not the name of the game on Ilha Grande.

The highlight of our four-day stay was a day spent at Lopez Mendez beach, a 45-minute boat ride followed by a half-hour hike from the island's town. The sun was a-shinin', the waves were a-crashin' and the sand was, er... sandy. As far as beaches go, this is easily the most beautiful we've ever been to. Sure, it lacks the glamour of Bondi and the showiness of Copacabana, but the water was clearer than the rock on Eva Longoria's finger and there wasn't a McDonald's (or anything else for that matter) in sight.

Swim, sunbathe, sleep and repeat – a simple recipe for an awesome day.