July 11, 2008

Help decide our fate!

We're having a little trouble deciding where to go next (it's a tough life, I know), so we thought we'd get some feedback from you, our dear readers. The options are:

1. Eurostar to Paris — Will be costly, but oh so cool.

2. Edinburgh Fringe Festival — Bound to be a barrell of laughs, and could be our only ever opportunity to go.

3. Ireland — Think a bit of Dublin, a touch of Cork and maybe a hint of Kilkenny.

4. Barcelona — Warm sun and hot tapas, need we say more?

To vote, simply choose from the options in the drop-down box, and click 'Vote'. Our future is in your hands. *

UPDATE: The poll is now closed. Thanks to everyone who voted. The results are:

Eurostar to Paris: 30% — Edinburgh: 21% — Barcelona : 38% — Ireland: 11%

*Not literally. We reserve the right not to go to the winning destination.