July 24, 2008

From couchsitters to, um... couchsitters

With Barcelona stealing the 'Where should we go next?' crown, we eagerly jumped on the newfangled World Wide Web and started hunting down some cheap flights. When we came across flights for a mere £29.99 each way with budget airline Ryanair, we were one giant leap closer to sipping sangria and chowing down on tapas in the Mediterranean sun.

When we clicked through to the booking page, our summer sojourn seemed to get a whole lot more expensive. Oops, said Ryanair. Did I forget to mention that you'll also have to pay about £70 each in taxes on those flights? Oh, and I'm not sure if you're planning on taking any luggage, but if you are, that'll be £24 each.

Budget airline, my ass!

Our backpacker-budget hip pockets couldn't handle over £300 ($620) in flights for a mere four-day break, so we waved to goodbye to Barcelona (for now...) and resumed our couchsitting...