December 11, 2008

We was robbed, I tells ya!

True story.

I'd post some photos, but they stole our camera. The camera I spent five months researching to find and that's no longer in stock. Yep, that's the one.

The bloody bastards managed to get through three locked doors and meticulously went through our apartment and the downstairs apartment – stealing hundreds of dollars worth of Christmas presents (Tiffany bracelet included), two cameras, jewellery, a bottle of vodka and a laptop from our flatmates, and our only valuable possession – our camera.

OK, they thankfully missed my Mimco bag, diamond and white gold necklace and $300 hair straightener (and my iPod was with me), but Goddamn it, did they have to take our most prized possession – and priceless memories to boot?

Luckily, we had all our Lymington, Wimbledon, Oxford and Bath photos put onto disc when we left Lymo, and I had freakily put all our France, Germany and Czech Republic pics on my friend's flatmate's computer one day when I was uploading some onto Facebook – and totally forgot to delete them. So we only lost our recent Amsterdam and London Eye photos (which, by the way, seriously rocked).

While we should be able to claim our camera on our travel insurance, the fact that some derros trashed our place and went through our stuff is kinda heartbreaking.

Just when we thought things were beginning to look up, too...