September 18, 2008

Parisian prison break (photo edition)

After five brutal days in our own personal prison (Bellebrune's Opal Autos) we celebrated our release by hotfooting it to the City of Lights...

Above: Our new home for the next four nights was Camping Bois de Bologne, the only camping ground in Paris' city limits. Ace (oh, yeah, Ace VANtura won the naming contest BTW), looked very out of place next to the monster motorhomes that filled the park.

Above: The Arc de Trimphe was the first major sight of our trip, and a very impressive one at that!

Above: We covered some serious ground on foot on our first day (we reckon it was about 18 kilometres) first walking from the Arc de Triomphe to the Eiffel Tower...

Above: ...where we treated ourselves to a picnic lunch of baguettes filled with deli meat, cheese and tomatoes (they truly rocked!) and red wine. The mood was somewhat 'dampened' when I spilt red wine all over my new Top Shop skirt — a moment which will forever be referred to as The Red Wine Incident.

Above: Craig 'Gordon Ramsay' O'Shannessy whipped up some chipolatas and salsa back in the van.

Above: We descended into Paris' 'underworld' for a sticky beak at the Catacombes. Filled with human bones from an exhumed cemetery, it's safe to say the experience was kinda freaky... And no, I haven't seen a ghost, after a summer in England, I really am that pale!

Above: We made like true Parisians and spent our Sunday in Jardin du Luxembourg. The French sure know how to make a good park. We ate our budget lunch of Vegemite sandwiches (otherwise known as the Lucy Special), before following the music and stumbling across an orchestra playing for free (which is how we like it).

Above: Of course there was also a stroll past the famous Notre Dame and Louvre, but we didn't end up entering either as I (Lisa) was in Sinus City.

Above: We ended our visit with a trip to the Eiffel at night. As Kylie Minogue would say, 'Wow, wow, wow, wow!'