August 06, 2008

Goodies from Down Under

While the 48 curries we've eaten since we arrived in England four months ago have more than tickled our tastebuds (and added to our waistlines!), nothing beats a little taste of home sweet home.

Just when I started dreaming of the day when I would once again bite into an Aussie Mars Bar (they taste different in the Motherland), in swoops my mega-cool, insanely-talented hero Julie (check out her amazing work here) with a care package filled with Aussie treats!


Red Rock Deli Chips
Sure, there is a wide variety of 'crisps' available in the UK, but Craig has been missing his weekly gorge on Red Rock Delis. He said eating them reminded him of Monday nights when we would do the shopping, come home and make something super easy for dinner and he would sit back with his weekly packet of Red Rocks (and eat them all in one go!).

Maggi Two-Minute Noodles in Chicken
After two years of saving for our travels, I became quite accustomed (ahem, addicted) to these cheap, nutritionally-lacking treats.

Mars Bars
My all-time favourite chocolate bar! It's not that the ones over here don't taste nice, they just aren't the same!

Eclipse Mints
There's plenty of chewing gum here (no thanks, it gives me headaches), Mentos, too, but what's a girl to do when she just wants a simple mint? Er, gets her friend to post her some I guess...

What, no Vegemite? How Un-Australian!

Nah, you can get it at the supermarket for £2! So we're still happy little Vegemites!