June 23, 2008

Cricket update

Considering cricket is the main only reason we are currently livin' it English style in Lymington, we thought it was high time we posted an entry about how Craig's season is going.

While I have been playing the WAG game with impeccable precision — spending my days shopping, making media appearances and turning up to games in Dior sunglasses and toting Chanel handbags. Oh wait, that's Victoria Beckham. Silly me. Craig has become somewhat of a local cricket legend, hogging newspaper column inches and taking hat-tricks like they're going out of style!

With Lymington CC currently sitting pretty in second place on the table, it's safe to say the first half of the season has been an all-round success for the player known as Dish. Not only has Craig taken the first two hat-tricks of his career (one being on his 25th birthday, not a bad present!), he's also the top wicket taker in the league, with a whopping 21 wickets, and is placed 12th on the league's batting table with 183 runs after seven games.

With 10 games to go, there's still a whole lotta benchsitting to be done by me, and plenty more wickets to be taken and runs to be scored. Will Craig be able to maintain his form and help Lymington get promoted to the Gold League?

Watch this space...