May 07, 2008

A day in the life of... Lisa

Tuesday May 6, 2008

7.23am - Wake up with an aching arm, the type of pain you get from exercising for the first time in yonks, though I haven't been exercising — this pain is Wii-induced. I've spent the whole weekend bowling, playing tennis, trampolining and hammer-throwing on the Hunt's new Nintendo Wii. Roll over and look at my clock, 7.23am — still at least two hours of sleep left in me. Swear myself off Wii for a few days and go back to sleep.

9.13am - Wake up and try to talk my body into getting out of bed.

9.32am - Finally manage to get out of bed. Make my way downstairs and make breakfast (Cornflakes and Vegemite on toast). Turn on the TV only to be met with some crappy English show called Sweet Sixteen. This can't be right, where is my usual morning dose of Frasier, Friends, Will & Grace, The OC and Smallville (in that order)? Check TV guide, bloody Channel Four has changed the line-up. Settle for an episode of Top Gear on Sky instead.

9.52am - Put linen in the washing machine.

9.59am - Watch Grounded for Life while Craig hogs the internet, checking boring stuff like rugby league news — Darren Lockyer is injured again, or so I'm told. Craig leaves for a day of cricket coaching in the local schools.

10.24am - Shower and get dressed. Pick out a denim skirt. The weather is warm today, my first bare-legged day since we arrived, I thought the day would never come!

10.53am - Do a washing load of woolens. -Put fresh linen on the bed.

11.23am - Get on the net. Check Facebook (write Lucy half a massive Facebook email before accidently losing it, abandon mission), Hotmail (email a couple of newspapers about freelance subbing, life is getting a little too Desperate Housewife for my liking), Girl with a Satchel, 4 Inch Heels Only, Perez Hilton, search for camping options during Oktoberfest.

12.23pm - Phone home. Speak to Dad and Megan, catch up on all the Parkes goss.

12.38pm - Eat lunch (a cheese sandwich and a glass of 'squash', in Oz speak that's cordial), while stalking a few people on Facebook, get a reply email from the Southern Daily Echo about freelancing work, sounds promising.

1.19pm - Get lost while walking to library. Goosebumps on my legs indicate it's not quite as warm as I thought. Finally find the library, reserve Long Way Down (we just finished watching Long Way Round, was brilliant. Dad, you would like it) and The Alchemist. Spot The Lovely Bones on the shelf and grab it (been wanting to read it for ages), also nab a copy of The Rough Guide to England before making my way home via Waitrose. Grab some sausages and ingredients for potato bake.

2.42pm - Arrive home and start cooking the potato bake and sausages to reheat for tonight's dinner. Catch a few episodes of Two and a Half Men ('Men, men, men, men, manly men, men, men') while potato bake is baking. Craig comes home from work.

4pm - Go to the bank when the potato bake is finished. Because the Oz dollar is going so well at the moment, we are withdrawing money from our NAB accounts and putting it into our English HSBC one, so if and when the Aussie dollar drops, we'll have some pounds to fall back on.

4.16pm - Half watch TV while Craig investigates ticket prices and travel options for the British Open.

5.02pm - Watch TV. Can't remember what, was obviously exciting. Craig leaves for cricket training.

6.30pm - Watch two episodes of Hollyoaks while eating my sausages and potato bake. Pot bake coulda used a bit more cheese. Starting to get to know the characters and story lines a bit now, it's a pretty bad show — production-values, acting and storyline-wise — but when in Rome Lymington...

7.30pm - Catch an old episode of America's Next Top Model, before researching more Oktoberfest accommodation options while watching How to Look Good Naked. Stumble across, looks like a good (economical) option.

8.27pm - Craig comes home. Sit with him while he eats his dinner and tell him about The Tent.

8.56pm - Go to bed and start reading The Lovely Bones.

10pm - Flick to Channel Four to watch the eagerly-anticipated (by me, anyway) Amy Winehouse: What Really Happened (I watched the Heather Mills one a few weeks ago and it was quite intriguing). Didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, went back to reading.

12.35am - Finally put The Lovely Bones down, I hate having to stop reading a book, especially a really good one!